David and Jennifer Aaker: The Power of Signature Stories

What is your signature story? A signature story is intriguing, authentic and involving. If offers a strategic message that enhances a brand, customer relationship, organization, business strategy and even an individual’s core values or traits. It can become an asset that serves an organization or an individual. Learn how to create your signature story, keep it alive, and make it work for you in your career and life. The entire unedited presentation can be viewed on YouTube.

About David Aaker:
David Aaker
, the Vice-Chairman of Prophet Brand Strategy and Professor Emeritus of Marketing Strategy at the Haas School of Business, is the winner of four career awards for contributions to the practice and science of marketing, the most recent being named to the NYAMA Marketing Hall of Fame.

He has published over 100 articles and 17 books that have sold well over one million copies and include Strategic Market Management, Building Strong Brands, Brand Leadership (co-authored), Brand Portfolio Strategy, From Fargo to the World of Brands, Spanning Silos, Brand Relevance, and his latest book Aaker on Branding.

Aaker has won awards for the best article in the California Management Review and (twice) in the Journal of Marketing.

A recognized authority on brand strategy, he has been an active consultant and speaker throughout the world.  A columnist for AMA’s Marketing News, he regularly blogs at davidaaker.com and LinkedIn.

Aaker holds a BS in Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MS in Statistics from Stanford University, and a PhD in Business Administration from Stanford University.

About Jennifer Aaker:
Jennifer Aaker
is a social psychologist who studies time, money and happiness – specifically how people chose to spend their time and money, and when and why those choices are associated with lasting value. She also focuses on how small acts can create significant change, and how those effects can be fueled by digital and social media.

Together with her husband, she co-authored the award-winning book “The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective and Powerful Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Impact.” She teaches courses at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business on global brand building, designing story in a digital world, and power of story, and serves on the Advisory Board of several private companies and early stage startups such as ADAY to Google X.

The recipient of numerous prestigious awards, Jennifer’s research has been featured in a variety of media including the Economist, Science, and the New York Times. She counts winning a dance-off in the 1980s, establishing a reputation of cooking poorly, and raising her three children, Cooper, Devon and Tea Sloane, as her biggest accomplishments (although not necessarily in that order).

Jennifer holds a BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley and a PhD in Marketing from Stanford University.


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