Edible Education 101

Edible Education 101 is part of The Edible Schoolyard Project.

This year’s offering of EE 101 will explore how greater transparency across the food system could play a role in creating a healthier, more sustainable, and more just food system.

View the full syllabus and access the readings at: edibleschoolyard.org/edible-education-101-2018

1. Vision and Values (Watch)
Alice Waters and Eric Schlosser
“Obesity Was Rising, Then Came KFC” by Dionne Searcey and Matt Richtel, New York Times
“The Chain Never Stops” by Eric Schlosser, Mother Jones

2. Systems Thinking the Food System (Watch)
Will Rosenzweig and Clair Brown
“Dancing with Systems” by Donella Meadows
“What is Food Ethics?” by the Food Ethics Council, UK
Food Ethics Council Business Toolkit (PDF)
Excerpts from Professor Clair Brown’s Buddhist Ethics Blog

3. How Movements Move (Watch)
Saru Jayaraman

4. Regenerative Cooking: Food, Soil, and Seeds (Watch)
Chef Dan Barber
What Farm to Table Got Wrong
Excerpt from The Third Plate Chapter 27 by Dan Barber

5. Food and Media: Who to Trust? (Watch)
Naomi Starkman, Shakirah Simley, Justin Phillips, and Bonnie Tsui
“Could a Meat Tax Be on the Horizon?” by Georgina Gustin

6. Food and Personal Health (Watch)
Dr. David Katz
Can We Say What Diet is Best for Health? (Annual Review of Public Health)

7. Food and Farmers (Watch)
Judith Redmond and Craig McNamara
California Agriculture Climate Action Network (CalCAN)
Farmer Stories
Description of California’s Climate/Agriculture Programs
Farm and Energy News
Declaration of the Health of People, Health of Planet and our Responsibility

8. Food and Global Health (Watch)
Lia Fernald and Wendi Gosliner
How Big Business Got Brazil Hooked on Junk Food.

9. Food System Politics (Watch)
Marion Nestle
Big Food, Food Systems, and Global Health
Corporate Funding of Food and Nutrition Research: Science or Marketing?

10. Systems Innovation in Food (Watch)
Kristin Richmond, MBA 06

11. The Food Experience (Watch)
Corby Kummer and Mark Ryle

12. Applying Your Edible Education to the Food Movement (Watch)
Michael Pollan and Liz Carlisle


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