Innovations in Hiring Practices

Innovations in Hiring Practices: Encouraging Social Inclusion & Diversity in the Workplace

Companies sometimes do a poor job of predicting future job performance and often discriminate against underrepresented minorities. How can companies avoid these pitfalls and implement better hiring practices? How can companies better work with their existing staff to also create more inclusive and welcoming environments which inherently attracts more diverse candidates?

This panel discussed exciting, out-of-the-box hiring projects such as Microsoft’s Autism Hiring Program, the Adobe Digital Academy, and IDEO is working on designing a world-case recruiting experience. These are programs that go beyond traditional hiring practices to intentionally help create workplaces that are more inclusive, diverse, and lead to better employee retention. They also considered how their companies could identify the challenges involved with creating inclusive and diverse workplaces, and how to research these problems and prototype solutions.

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