Population, Policy and Prospects for Chinese Growth – Andrew Rose


In this session, Professor Andrew Rose discusses Chinese growth. While he’ll explore recent developments in China, the session will pay special attention to the implications of China’s population policy (“one-child policy”), recent changes to the population policy, and their implications for Chinese growth and the world.

Andrew K. Rose is the B.T. Rocca Jr. Professor of International Business in the Economic Analysis and Policy Group at the Haas School of Business; he also serves as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Chair of the Faculty. Rose has published numerous articles and papers addressing his research on issues in international trade, finance, and macroeconomics. His teaching is in the areas of international macroeconomics for which he has won two teaching awards.

Rose was the managing editor of The Journal of International Economics from 1995 through 2001, and was the founding director of the Clausen Center for International Business and Policy at Haas and the Risk Management Institute at the National University of Singapore. He received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his M.Phil. from Nuffield College, University of Oxford, and his B.A. from Trinity College, University of Toronto.

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