Innovation@50X – Moving Companies at Startup Speeds – Steve Blank

Why do startups seem to move like a blur to incumbents? Why is it that startups find new markets and create new opportunities while large companies seem to take forever to make decisions? What lessons can large companies take from the Lean Startup movement – and how can large companies move Innovation@50X?

Steve Blank is a serial-entrepreneur and academician. He has founded eight start-ups including his most recent — customer relationship management provider, E.piphany. His book Four Steps to the Epiphany, which details his approach to the Customer Development Methodology, has been called the book that launched the Lean Startup movement. He’s also co-authored The Startup Owner Manual.

After 21 years as an entrepreneur, Steve moved to teaching entrepreneurship to both undergraduate and graduate students. He holds teaching positions at U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University, Columbia University, NYU and UCSF. The Customer Development model, which he developed in Four Steps to the Epiphany, is the core theme in these classes and the core of the Lean Startup movement.

Named one of the “Masters of Innovation” by the Harvard Business Review and “Top 10 Influencers in Silicon Valley” by the San Jose Mercury News, Steve is also a past recipient of the Haas School’s Earl F. Cheit Outstanding Teaching Award. Additionally, he is the co-host of a weekly radio show on Sirius XM radio channel 111 called “Entrepreneurs are Everywhere.”
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