Investing to Achieve a Sustainable World

From our New York City Chapter, this talk addresses Sustainable Investing from a Public Equities – ESG (Environment-Social-Governance) perspective.

We will inquire into how public companies and investors use leading data, tools, and strategies to evaluate and make smart decisions in the USD 21.4 Trillion and growing impact capital markets.

What are some key building blocks for building a performance-driven, robust impact capital market? What do investors seek to support their decision-making? We’ll view this topic from three perspectives:

How corporations are assuring quality non-financial data (Sustainability data) to guide their own sustainability performance, and for assuring good external reporting to shareholders and other stakeholders…

How leading quantitative data tools support asset allocation decision making…

How an impact-inclined asset owner thinks about her financial and impact returns, what to prioritize, and how to invest and influence

– Juliette Barre, Sustainability Principal, Tennaxia, a leader in Sustainability/Corporate Responsibility data management working with companies such as AXA Insurance
– Maria Mahl, Director, Arabesque, an ESG quant asset management leader
– Marcy Syms, Member of the Board of Directors, RITE AID; President, TPD Group, a corporate governance expert; former Chair and CEO, Syms Corp; Corporate and Philanthropic Board Member; Private Investor and Philanthropist

Facilitated by Deborah Stern, Social Entrepreneur & Founding Principal, 2020 Strategies, LLC

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