Magic Box Paradigm: A framework for startup acquisitions

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M&A is a murky subject for most startup founders. Ezra Roizen BCEMBA 04 in his book, Magic Box Paradigm: A framework for startup acquisitions, demystifies the process and provides founders with a frame of reference and an actionable M&A game plan.

Ezra‘s two key points: 1) you need to begin developing relationships with potential strategic partners much earlier than you probably think; and 2) the startup acquisition process is counter intuitive.

About Ezra:
Ezra Roizen is the founder and general manager of Advsr an advisory firm helping startups frame their markets and develop relationships with strategic partners. He is also the chairman of Vator a community of entrepreneurs and investors and is a partner with Ackrell Capital a boutique investment bank.

Ezra started his career as an entrepreneur, co-founding two technology companies: Montclare Technologies, Inc., an Internet consulting and development firm where he was the CEO and Convoy Corporation (now part of SAP) where he was the director of business development. Ezra is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and is the co-host of Vator Box a show on emerging companies on

Ezra holds an MBA from a combined program of Columbia University’s Columbia Business School (where he earned beta gamma sigma honors) and the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business (where he earned a Haas community service fellowship). He also holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of California, Davis (with Minors in English and History). Ezra was previously the chair of the Berkeley-Haas Alumni Council.


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