Deborah Hopkins – Chief Innovation Officer, Citigroup & CEO, Citi Ventures

“Today’s accelerating pace of disruption requires new skills and new ways of working. By embracing the entrepreneurial mindset of discovery, we can uncover new possibilities for our customers, our businesses and our industry.” – Deborah Hopkins

Deborah Hopkins is Citi’s Chief Innovation Officer and CEO of Citi Ventures.

Ms. Hopkins founded and built Citi Ventures recognizing the critical role innovation must play in driving growth at Citi amid accelerating disruptive forces and heightened customer expectations. A lifelong change agent, Ms. Hopkins partners with Citi’s businesses to shepherd creativity and implement breakthrough solutions. Based in Palo Alto, her team works to connect Citi to the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem through their work in venture investing, identification of transformative trends, sponsorship of a network of labs and accelerators across the company and bringing the adoption of Lean Start Up to the enterprise.


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