Haas alumni panel from the MBA Class of 1996 – Dot-com, Dot-bomb, Entrepreneurs Soldier On

[48 min 5 sec] – Panel discussion from the Alumni Conference 2011 featuring Haas alumni from the MBA Class of 1996.

In 1996, the Internet was officially the new frontier and Haas’ freshly minted MBAs had a surfeit of both opportunity and uncertainty. Looking back, the Internet has changed almost everything – from shopping to politics to entrepreneurship itself. The MBA Class of 1996 shares their thoughts and reflections on this crazy time in their lives. Did they make the right business decisions? Did they embrace and nurture the right networks? Did they hire the right people? What mistakes did they make? What would they do differently today if they had only known better?

Moderated by:
Andre Marquis, MBA 96
– In 1996: Director of Marketing, CyberGold
– Now: Executive Director, Lester Center for Entreprenuership, Haas School of Business, and a serial entrepreneur


Kevin Brown, MBA 96
– In 1996: VP and Founding Team, Inktomi
– Now: CEO, Coraid

John Hanke, MBA 96
– In 1996: Producer, 3DO
– Now: VP Product Management, Geo at Google

Jed Katz, MBA 96
– In 1996: Founder, Rent Net
– Now: Managing Director, Javelin Venture Partners

Ben Wilson, MBA 96
– In 1996: Founder, Consumer Health Interactive
– Now: Board Member, CA State HIE/HIT Advisory Board; Director, Healthcare Strategy, Healthcare IT Program Office, Intel Corporation